Why are so many people dissatisfied in life? Why do depression rates seem to be perpetually rising? Generally, it’s good that we always want more out of life, because it keeps us continuously changing and expanding. But just as there are tons of ways in which our lives have become easier, there are some things about modern life that make it harder to actually feel free:

  • So many people are working 40+ hours per week and opting out of their vacation time
  • Many are tied into longterm loan payments for school, cars, and homes.
  • Many are dependent on things like coffee and sugar to get going every day, and get little exercise.
  • Many have had the same personal fears and insecurities since they were babies.

You get the idea. It’s not hard to feel trapped in some ways. If you’re a nerd like me, you like organizing and making lists to get things done. And if you’re like anyone on earth, you desire freedom and contentment. With that said, here is a list to gauge your level of freedom in life right now. Check off the things you can say with confidence. For the things you can’t check off, prioritize working on them a bit. Maybe you’ll find you’re awful in some of the 5 areas and awesome in others. Print it out, hang it on your wall, give it to your friend who has too many cats, whatev. (If you have Microsoft Word, this should open correctly.)