If you’re somewhat of a skeptic like me, you’ll probably find the idea of energy healing hard to believe, or at the very least, hard to wrap your head around. When I first saw a video of someone performing a popular kind of energy healing (reiki), I thought, “Well…..that’s odd.” And didn’t think much else beyond that.

Fast forward to today, when I had the opportunity to experience a real live bio energy session! Woot.

So.. What Is Energy Healing?

With any energy healing technique, the practitioner is said to “channel” healing energy into the patient’s body. Bio energy healing is a modality similar to reiki, but it doesn’t require touch. It is meant to serve as a mental and emotional detox for the body, though many people also attend sessions to rid themselves of chronic pain and physical illness.

Energy Healing: The Golden Rule what is energy healing

The practice of energy healing is based on the simple belief that everything is energy, including our bodies. It is a known fact that the body conducts electricity (ever static shock someone after rubbing your socks on the carpet? :), and that we eat food to fuel our bodies with calories (aka, units of heat energy). So when you think about it, this basic belief in energy is not nearly as hocus-pocus as many people assume.

Bio Energy Healing Sessions: What to Expect

A typical energy healing session is done with both the practitioner and patient standing up. My practitioner had me remove my shoes and stand for about 10 minutes with my eyes closed, while she worked around me. At first, she asked if I could feel anything – I couldn’t. But as she continued, I noticed at least a dozen times that I was swaying off-balance. When she went behind me, I’d have to lean forward to stay balanced on my feet. (Bio energy healing does not require the practitioner to touch the patient at all.)

This consistent swaying, however, was not the most fascinating sensation of the session. The main area I had asked the practitioner to focus on was my upper abdomen, where I’d been feeling lots of stress, tension, and anxiety for quite a while. (Think butterflies before a public speaking event – times 10.) Just a few minutes into the session, I felt this area of my abdomen start acting up – A LOT. I was concerned I might have to ask the practitioner to stop, as the tension and anxiety was higher than I’d ever experienced it. It felt as if my heart had fallen down into my abdomen and was beating very hard and very fast. (This, of course, won’t happen to everyone. It was just the intensified version of my particular physical issue.)

While uncomfortable, the sensation felt more like a “leaving” than an “entering.” It felt as though a rope was being gently pulled out of me, slowly by surely. I then understood the practitioner’s earlier explanation, when she’d described bio energy healing as a kind of detox.

After this, I was asked to lay down and the practitioner did a few basic moves, similar to what a massage therapist might do. I could feel heat radiating from her hands, but not in a way that caused any discomfort. During this brief reclining portion, the overwhelming feeling in my gut completely vanished and I was back to normal.

The final part of the session involved the practitioner beating on a small, but fairly loud drum. Now I know what you’re thinking 😀 But this wasn’t meant to be a strange tribal ceremony. Rather, it was a vibrational therapy for the body. If you’ve ever gone to a mall or public place and paid to use a massage chair, that is the same sensation the drum created.

After an Energy Healing Session

At this point, the practitioner brought me a cool glass of water and asked how I felt. I told her about the strange stomach sensations, and she told me about what the abdominal area represents (Read about chakras to learn which body parts correspond to which emotional/mental issues. This chart by carlagoldenwellness.com is a great starter).

I felt slightly sleepy and relaxed (despite the intense sensations earlier on) after getting up from the final drum portion of the session. When my feet first hit the floor, I had a distinct feeling of being more attached to the ground (I understand how vague that may sound, but that’s how it felt! I experienced a similar sensation after visiting a chiropractor in the past.)

My practitioner gave me an insanely delicious peach from a local orchard, took my payment (spontaneous discount included!), and sent me on my way. She told me that she’d call tomorrow to see how I feel, as patients often feel much better after their first full night’s sleep. I can’t say I feel radically different, or permanently changed just 7 hours later, but I can say without a doubt that I felt activity in my body during the session.

I absolutely recommend that anyone with chronic health issues (mental or physical) try out a bio energy healing session. (Multiple sessions are recommended for deeply ingrained issues.) If you can’t find an energy healer in your vicinity, there are practitioners who do long distance sessions. There are also plenty of things you yourself can do to extinguish negativity and unhealthy patterns from your body. (Try EFT, or any kind of meditation or yoga). Many issues, like chronic migraines, are very commonly tied to unresolved emotional issues and life stressors. So if drugs and other band-aid resolutions aren’t cutting it for you, energy healing may be what you need.