Check Out

Do you ever just wanna check out? Check out of life? Check out of society? Maybe your soulless job, or some shitty relationship, or your unhealthy body?

These kinds of things drain your energy, waste your time, and provide nothing in return. Yet, we keep letting them slide. We keep getting to a breaking point, but then not checking out. Why? Maybe someone makes you feel guilty, or maybe you think that checking out of life is selfish or foolish.

But in reality, checking out of life means that you’re ready to adopt something better – a better life where your decisions are deliberate and meaningful.

“Checking out” is just the first of many gutsy steps you’ll take. It’s a graduation day.

Every great thinker that ever lived has pondered the purpose of existence – how to Exist Better. You are here, so you’re no different.

This site is about personal revolution and living for a reason, despite mortality staring you in the face. It’s about giving authority back to yourself and your values instead of submitting to the arbitrary rules of your religion, job, family, bank account, or any other force that drains the “you” out of you.

Ultimately, this blog is about why you should do great things, even when it sometimes seems like those who do nothing reap the rewards.

If you’re haunted by the fear of living a life in vain or never living up to your potential, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’re tired of the status quo, or maybe you were never a part of it to begin with. Whatever the case, you need confidence, clarity, and to cultivate your individuality instead of fearing it. Because it’s only when we become masters of ourselves that we can be of use to anyone else.

Give yourself permission. Once and for all.

Check Out

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